What are ADU'S

The accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, is a typically smaller second home that has its own kitchen, bedroom and bathroom facilities, and is located inside, attached to, or close to an existing single-family house. Also known as an in-law suite, guesthouse, backyard cottage or granny flat, an ADU is any additional living unit on the lot of a single-family home.

Legally, an ADU is part of the same property as the main home, regardless of whether it is in the form of an apartment next to the garage, a basement apartment, or a free-standing home. An accessory dwelling unit must be owner occupied and unlike a condominium, it cannot be bought or sold separately.

Although they became less common in the middle of the 20th century, the popularity of ADUs is on the rise. This change comes as homeowners strive to make better use of existing land, and as over-developed areas search for ways to increase the availability of affordable housing options.

  • It’s easier than ever to build a secondary unit on your property. Local regulations have been passed to allow you to build an ADU that suits your needs and supports housing needs in your community.
  • We’re here to help you navigate the steps toward improving your property with an ADU.

Why You Should Consider An ADU

Why Work With Us

Axiom ADU Provides Start-to-Finish ADU Services. We are a team of professionals with experience in creating exceptional home. We’re experts in both luxury and budget and even luxury on a budget. That’s why we’re excited to offer ADUs as a smart investment. Our team includes sales, design, project management, project accounting, and construction. Axiom build holds a California general contractor license, with a licensed contractor and general manager on staff. We provide the services you’ll need to make your ADU a reality. Berkeley is our home too, and we enjoy helping our customers build their dreams. Once your ADU is complete, we’re here for any customizing or work that makes your ADU exactly what you desire and whatever your whole property needs.

How We Provide Start-to-Finish Services

Why We’re Excited About ADUs

SHARE OUR PASSION for ADU’S Northern California needs more homes. Many have proposed big and grandiose solutions to reducing the cost of housing. But we prefer small plans. We believe one small home in your backyard can make a big difference. As of 2017, you can now easily put an independent Accessory Dwelling Unit on your property. It’s simple really. You have property, and we have all the tools to design, permit and build you a beautiful little structure. They’re better, faster, cheaper and easier— to build today with the news california state laws in place.

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