ADU Resources

There are a wide range of resources focused on ADUs across the internet. Some are specific to the design and construction of Accessory Dwelling Units here in Berkeley but others provide great info, tips and advice regardless of the location of your project. Below we have some of our resources.  

  • City of Berkeley regulations for ADUs
  • Axiom Build's ADU Projects
  • ADU construction cost breakdown
  • Berkeley's ADU Permit Submittal Requirements
  • FAQ about ADUs from Axiom build (general contractors)
  • How Much Does It Cost To Build An ADU? (from Axiom build)
  • ADU 101
  • Great blog covering topics related to building an ADU in Berkeley
  • Tips For Basement to ADU Conversions
  • Tips For Garage to ADU Conversions
  • How Do ADUs Affect Property Values

Axiom Blog Posts:

  • A Design Guide to Berkeley ADUs: PART I
  • A Design Guide to Berkeley ADUs: PART II
  • VIDEO: ADUs - Taking The First Step
  • Berkeley City Council Approves ADU Zoning Code Update
  • How Much Will My ADU Cost?
  • ADU Requirements around San Francisco Metro

If you still have questions or want to talk about the specifics of your project, you are welcome to contact us and we will do our best to help.