About Us


...we are passionate about creating well-designed, sustainable homes in our community. We understand how much people are impacted by their built environments, and we are dedicated to making this something we can all be proud of.

Who We Are

Benjamin Kimmich (left) started his career as a builder over 7 years ago and believes that each physical thing we build, from a home to an office to a store, is a contribution to our community. Benjamin and his team are committed to delivering the quality of design and craftsmanship that can not only be seen but also felt.

Joshua Kimmich (right) joined Kimmich Construction in 2010, and now runs day-to-day operations. He is detailed-oriented, fair, and a pleasure to work with. Guided by the belief that communication is one of the most important parts of any successful project, Joshua takes great pride helping teams execute at their highest level.

How We Work

We gravitate towards projects that are conducive to synergistic relationships between clients, architects, and our team members. Our expertise lies in executing modern architecture and detailed design.

It takes integrity, creativity and attention to detail to deliver great results. We think building is an exciting and rewarding endeavor, and we operate according to the following principles: